Week 6: Tarot 6's and 7's!

Welcome back one and all to 06/07! This week, we're going to go through something much less wordy than the previous two posts - I doubt I could summon the strength to go through that again any time soon.

So this week, I'm going to move from the ecclesiastical to the mystical and look through the Tarot deck! Yes, I'll try my best to explore the strange and symbolistic world that lies within these fortune-telling cards.

For this week's comparison, I'm going to judge "better" or "worse" purely by which card you would rather pick out of the deck. I'll be comparing cards VI (The Lovers) and VII (The Chariot) of the Major Arcana along with the 6s and 7s of the four suits of the Minor Arcana (Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords) and see whether you'd rather get a 6 or a 7 when you're in a tent with a fortune-teller.


With that, let's get started!



A decision in an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, a choice of potential partners. May also represent raw desire or impulse. The decision to be made will require great sacrifice: either that of the single lifestyle, or an existing relationship in favor of a new one.

The "Mythopoetic" approach: It draws the asker's attention to the impulse that drove them out of their home (their own "Garden of Eden"), that made him or her reject the call of their fathers and accept the call to adventure.

I guess that's overall a rather mixed sign. Hope they aren't all like this.



The Chariot is a sign of conquest, an indication that if the asker has sufficient willpower, a (frequently external) battle can be won. The steeds represent forces that can be harnessed to reach this aim. Self-reliance, conviction and elbow grease are what is needed.

The "Mythopoetic" approach: The Hero holding the reins can represent Helios, the Sun god. Since it follows The Lovers, it indicates the challenges and conquests which follow independence. He can also be Ra or Krishna, apparently. The two steeds represent the danger of the asker being pulled apart by forces he cannot harness.

Well, that's definitely a more clear and positive sign. Let's move on to the Minor Arcana, shall we?







The Six of Pentacles is a sign that it is a time to be generous. Monetary and health woes can be solved by a gift, indicated by the wealthy man giving away coins to the poor to balance his scales. This means you either accept something that others want to give away, or you do some charity and get some benefits.



A farmer is watching pentacles (coins) grow. He can't do much right now, so he's got to wait. Same with the asker. While you've done what you've already done, things are currently out of your hands, so relax and sit back, and look on your past accomplishments. While change is important, so is rest. As the saying goes: "All in good time".

Well, that 7 of pentacles is a card I really can go along with. Let's see the other suits, shall we?





Success! Triumph! A man on a laurel wreath sits on a horse, applauded by all. The mounted horseman galvanizes the masses, bringing order after a period of chaos. The asker has found, or will find the solution to a seemingly intractable problem, and once giving that to the crowd, will receive their adoration in turn.



One man stands alone on a hill, ready to do battle with six staves raised against him. Others may have gotten jealous of the asker's achievements, or greedy of his gains. Whatever it is, the asker stands on a great precipice, and like the guy in the picture, has to stand his ground and bring the ass-kickery with him. Maybe with a cool one-liner first. Can't go wrong with those.

Well, although the 7 is considerably more badass, I'd rather think you'd want to pick out a 6 any day of the week. Unless you're an action hero and just can't get enough of that buzz.





Two children, a boy and a girl play among a set of six flowering cups. This card symbolises nostalgia and represents the the 'charming moment of recognition. Getting this card means that you might see or receive something that reminds you of the past, in a nice way. It also represents a simpler way of thinking, of childlike innocence.



A man stands in the clouds. Seven cups, each with a symbolic thingamajig, float before him. This card represents a time where a decision will have to made, with many options at hand. This card represents illusions and deceptions. Making a hasty decision could lead to disaster - but then again, not making one could be even worse!

6 makes off with another clear win: surely we'd all like to sink back to our childhood rather than face a great decision, possibly with huge ramifications.





A boat containing six swords and a woman is being ferried across a river by a wherryman. This card symbolises the end of troubles, and of leaving difficulties. These problems can vary in scale from Nazi Germany capitulating to solving a maths problem. The ferryman is said to symbolize the 'silent partner', the unsung hero who helps you in this endeavour.



A thief carrying five swords tippy-toes away from the scene of the crime, leaving two behind. This either means the asker is about to do something rash (like stealing swords) or that the asker himself/herself is being robbed. If the latter, outright confrontation won't work: like that Cary Grant film, it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Well, 6 wins yet again, although I guess it'd be better to know you were being robbed rather than not being aware at all. Then again, the 6 is still a better sign.

Now, the finale!



Well, while the Major Arcana was quite murky, arguably with the Chariot (VII) winning, the Minor Arcana is quite clear: all the 6s ultimately represent good things coming one's way, such as the opportunity for charity, success, or the end of troubles, the 7s all foretell conflict (Pentacles aside, which fortells waiting): others will rise against the asker, or the asker has to make a tough choice, or the asker's being robbed.

With 4 against 1 (or 3 against 2, since I dig the message of the 7 of pentacles), the 6s make their second win in two...three weeks, and tie with 7! :O





That's all for today, folks! See you next time on 06/07: The Numbers Game!

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